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My work investigates mortality, desire, and longing by drawing from my own experiences, memories, and family relationships. Revealing private moments often avoided or overlooked I engage with social conventions that obscure what I see as the most important parts of living. These anecdotes take the shape of mixed media installations, video, sculpture, drawing and events.

As part of a larger project, I created a tribute to a deceased family member by airbrushing his house in the Swedish countryside onto my car to be exhibited and then driven around Los Angeles, a city he always wanted to visit but was never able to. At times I create shared experiences in a more tangible form, such as through a one-day only art show and social event serving cappuccinos over a glowing zig-zag bar and sharing stories of heartbreak. Other projects involve sculptures of body parts formed and cast in concrete, wax, or resin isolated from their origins and shifting in scale, these works gain mythic proportions or assume the role of a prop in an imagined but unmade film.

By receding into my past, I make sense of the present through humor, vulnerability, and revealing the indefinability of everyday life. Absurdist narratives arise through recalling these stories or from commonplace objects having significant memories attached to them that often become blown out of proportion. Addressing these difficult or fleeting moments, I spark viewers own lost memories, triggering the contemplation of our shared experiences and possible futures.