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My project based practice takes many forms but continually investigates mortality, desire, memory and superstition by drawing from my own experiences, memories, and family relationships. Creating drawings, objects, videos and installations my work is equally poetic, comedic and empathetic that is at once relatable and enigmatic. I attempt to challenge viewers to engage with their own desires on the edge of social conventions and indulge in flights of fancy. Day dreams become points of inspiration but can also turn into nightmares that consume my past and present blending reality with fiction.

In a past project I created a tribute to a deceased family member by airbrushing his house in the Swedish countryside onto my car to be exhibited and then driven around Los Angeles, a city he always wanted to visit but was never able to. Other projects involve sculptures of body parts formed and cast in concrete, wax, or resin isolated from their origins and shifting in scale, these works gain mythic proportions. This inquiry into memory, personal history and desire transforms into images or objects that might have been real once but are equally suited to being found in a dream.

Absurdist narratives arise through recalling these stories or from commonplace objects having significant memories attached to them that often become blown out of proportion. Addressing these difficult or fleeting moments, I spark viewers own memories, triggering the contemplation of shared experiences and possible futures.