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July 20th 1986


2014 MFA in Art, University of California Irvine, USA
2011 BFA in Art, Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden
Feb-March 2011 Guest student at Kanazawa College of Arts, Kanazawa, Japan
Jan-June 2010 Guest student at Helsinki School of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2007-2008 Munka School of Fine Arts, Munka Ljungby Sweden
2005-2006 Kristianstad School of Fine Arts, Kristianstad, Sweden

Solo exhibitions:

2019 (upcoming) Detroit Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 I will tell you how fire comes, OK Corral, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Hokus Pokus, Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden
2015 Dogwalk, Gallery Mors Mössa, Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 Hej Angels!, Room Gallery, Irvine, USA
2014 Hej Angels! (Boms blanket) Flagpole Gallery, Irvine, USA
2013 Left up to the Universe, 67310 Projects, curated by Allyson Unzicker, Irvine, USA
2012 Night & Day, Flagpole Gallery, Irvine, USA
2010 SilverRiver, Gallery Rotor 2, Gothenburg, Sweden
2008 ME, Gallery K2, Munka Ljungby, Sweden
2008 Lolita Drinks, RumEtt, Dunkers Culture house, Helsingborg, Sweden

Selected group exhibitions/screenings:

2018 Milk Press Gallery, NYC Poetry Festival, NY, USA
2018 LA Roses, Crystal Flowers NYC, curated by Lindsay August-Salazar and Allison Wade, NY, USA
2018 Raw, curated by Tara Scott, Indiana University-Kokomo, USA
2018 Prisms, curated by Cassie Riger and Mak Kern, FOCA, LA, USA
2018 Fresh Start, LAVA Projects, curated by Colin Roberts, LA, USA
2018 Tiny Men on Tits and Friends, curated by Colin Roberts, The Curated Loo, Chimento Contemporary, LA, USA

2017 Crystal Flower curated by Lindsay August-Salazar and Allison Wade, Index, LA, USA
2017 Stepping into the Radiant Future curated by Andrew Wingler and Ilona Berger, Last Projects, LA, USA
2017 Apocalypse Now, Amandus Adamson Studio Museum, Paldiski, Estonia
2017 Conflicting Spaces, Sofielund in Malmö, Sweden
2017 The Future Wild, PCC’s Paragon Art Gallery & screening at The Baker Building, Portland, USA
2017 SWEET LIFE, curated by Jacquie Li, One night event in Chinatown LA, USA

2016 Signal Fire Alumni Film Festival, Portland, USA
2016 ANTIFREEZE Screening at Sorbus-gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2016 LACA benefit auction, LA, USA
2016 Stockholm, CA, Installation at Swedish musikfestival in Los Angeles, Shrine Auditorium, LA, USA
2016 Content; an art show, curated by Skip Snow, Last Projects, LA, USA
2016 Dear Deer & Love Birds, temporary public art piece outside of Broby Culture House, Broby, Sweden
2016 Dold Konst Istanbul, curated by Tamara de Laval, Istanbul
2016 Poesi-O-Rama, video screening, Poetry Festival at Moriskan in Malmö, Sweden
2016 Fail Better, Last Projects, LA, USA
2016 Silver and Vanilla, Elephant Gallery, exhibition together with artist Yaron Michael Hakim, LA, USA

2015 The Quiet After 10, Emily O, LA, USA
2015 På två ben från Tellus, two person show together with artist Jonas Theselius, Broby Konsthall, Broby Sweden
2015 Violence, Nudes, and Grandmas, co-curated with artist/curator Jenn Berger, The Situation Room, LA, USA
2015 HER/LA Feminist Pop-Up Festival, organized by Laura J. Wise and Chloë Curran, LA, USA.
2015 Hidden Art, curated by Tamara de Laval, Kungsparken & Slottsparken, Malmö, Sweden

2014 Missed Connections, Morton Avenue Veranda Events, LA, USA
2014 Hej!, Transformers 4th Annual Storefront Exhibition, Washington DC, USA
2014 A Meerkat’s Whistle, curated by Lindsay August-Salazar, 3 Days Awake, LA, USA
2014 Ideal Territory, curated by Elan Greenwald, Cirrus Gallery, LA, USA
2014 Hidden Art, curated by Tamara de Laval, Göta Kanal, Ljungsbro, Sweden
2014 Rethink Environment, curated by Martabel Wasserman, Happening at Human Resources, LA, USA
2013 WhereverWhatever, Zzzz, Lusts of Flesh, Room Gallery, Irvine, USA

2012 Curatorial Exchange, curated by Doug Harvey, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, USA
2012 The Art of Law, curated by Robert Plogman, Bryan Cave LLP, Irvine, USA
2012 Layered Spaces, curated by Kellie Lanham, Project Space, UC Irvine, USA

2011 Group exhibition, curated by Barbara Musi, Gambro, Lund, Sweden
2011 Family Footage, Kvartinik 6480 Gallery, Irvine, USA
2011 Serendipity, curated by Tamara de Laval, Galleri Vreta Kloster, Linköping, Sweden
2011 Hidden Art, curated by Tamara de Laval, Göta Kanal, Ljungsbro, Sweden
2011 Group exhibition, Magasinet Ljungs Slott, Ljungsbro, Sweden
2011 Autonomi Andra Rum, The Angered Theater, Gothenburg, Sweden
2011 Äntligen för sent, curated by Lene Crone Jensen, Monumentalen, Gothenburg, Sweden
2011 Where Dreams Cross, curated by Åsa Falewicz, Nordstan, Gothenburg, Sweden

2010 Skåne Konstförening Fall Exhibition, curated by Yrr Jónasdóttir, Johanna Rosenqvist, Gittan Jönsson, Anna Sandberg and Marthe Aune Eriksen, Malmö, Sweden
2010 The outside is the surface the inside is the content, curated by Matilda Ekström,
Heidi-Anett Haugen and Dragana Lukic, Gallery Rotor , Gothenburg, Sweden
2010 POST IT a world exhibition, curated by Jon Åkerlind, Gallery Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden
2010 Like an exchange student exhibition, Kaiku galleria, Helsinki, Finland

2009 Drawing so far II, curated by Peter Ojstersek, The Drawing Museum in Laholm, Sweden
2009 Drawing so far I, Gallery Rotor, curated by Peter Ojstersek, Gothenburg, Sweden
2009 Screening curated by Sara Broos, Alma Löv Museum, Sweden
2009 Spring exhibition, curated by Peter Ojstersek, Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg, Sweden

2008 Group exhibition, Apparao Galleries, Chennai, India
2008 Transformations, curated by Tamara de Laval, Norrtälje Konsthall, Sweden
2008 Love & Hate, Gallery IndiaDäck, Lund, Sweden
2008 Screening curated by Yohanna M Roa, Metro Consulado, comportamiento, Mexico City
2008 Screening curated by Yohanna M Roa, Academia Bellas Artes, Cali, Colombia
2008 Screening curated by Yohanna M Roa, Museo de Arte Moderno of Bucaramanga, Colombia
2008 Screening curated by Yohanna M Roa, La Galleria, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia
2008 Screening curated by Yohanna M Roa, Plazoleta Secretaria de Cultura, Colombia
2008 Photosynthesis, Orangery, Sofiero, Helsingborg, Sweden
2008 1600, The Art Museum in Ängelholm, Sweden

2007 WE, Gallery K2, Munka Ljungby Sweden
2007 Meteor Group Exhibition, STUDIO SEVED Underground Gallery, Malmö Sweden

2006 Meteor Artist Group Exhibition, Gallery Rostrum, Malmö Sweden

Curated shows:

2015 Violence, Nudes, and Grandmas, curated together with Jenn Berger. Participating artists: Jenn Berger, Marie Elena Johnston, Veronique d'Entremont, Marisa Williamson, Hanna Sjöstrand, Julia Kouneski, Erin Desmond and Isabel Theselius. The Situation Room, LA, USA.

2014 Missed Connections, curated together with Emily Appenzeller. Participating artists: Isabel Theselius, Daniel Hawkins, Jenn Berger, Emily Appenzeller, Yaron Michael Hakim, Daleen Saa, Gerald Maa, Olga Moskvina, Josh Cho and Tim Vordtriede. Participating comedians: Jim Hamilton, Jake Weisman, Laura Crawford, Shawn Pearlman and Erin Lampart. Hosted by Vana Dabney and Paul Isakson. Morton Avenue Veranda Events, LA, USA.

2013 BOM in the USA!, work by Swedish artist Anders BOM Lindén, Irvine, USA.

2013 If Memory Serves, curated together with Kellie Lanham and Allyson Unzicker. Participating artists: Martin Dahlqvist, Cristina David, Tamara Henderson, Bessie Kunath, Judith Raum and Martina Sauter. UAG Gallery, Irvine, USA.

2012 This Never Happened, performances by Ilknur Demirkoparan, curated together with Yaron Hakim, Kvartinik 6480 Gallery, Irvine, USA.

2011 Family Footage, work by Jenn Berger, Sean Cassidy, Isabel Theselius and Rochele Gomez, Kvartinik 6480 Gallery, Irvine, USA.


2019 (Upcoming) September-November, Crosstown Arts Residency, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

2015 (14-20 March) Wide Open Studios, organized by Signal Fire, Verde River, Arizona, USA.

2013 (24-30 March) Wide Open Studios, organized by Signal Fire, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California, USA.

Artist Talks:

2017 Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden
2017 The Baker Building, Portland, USA
2016 Last Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2014 Catalyst Gallery, University of California Irvine, USA

Scholarships and Awards:

2018 Konstnärsnämnden Working Grant

2016 Armory Center for the Arts Artist Teaching Fellowship

2014 Konstnärsnämnden Assistant Artist Grant

2013 Kris and Linda Elftmann Scholarship foundation

2013 Carl Jönssons Scholarship

2013 The Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation

2013 UCIRA mini grant

2012 Stiftelsen AAA

2012 The Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation

2012 The Medici Scholarship

2011 Stiftelsen AAA

2011 The Eric Ericson Artist Scholarship

2011 Jubileumsfonden

2011 Artist Scholarship to Japan

2010 (December) Otto and Charlotte Mannheimers Scholarship

2010 (October) Otto and Charlotte Mannheimers Scholarship

2010 Lund Konsthalls Vänner