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Photos courtesy of Marko Cesarec


I Will Tell You How Fire Comes solo show at OK Corral in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018

I Will Tell You How Fire Comes attempts to confront and escape the fears of disaster by becoming absorbed in the imagined scenarios of destruction. As wildfires raged in Theselius’s adopted home of Los Angeles, the flames also spread in her native Sweden creating a strange parallel between the two locations. The flames then manifested in Theselius’s daydreams and into visions of her local surroundings that became consumed by the blazes. This resulted in the artist creating multiple drawings on the former curtains of her LA home depicting views from around her neighborhood with flames creeping into the scenes. Another drawing of the Swedish countryside is consumed by ghostly flames and has been scanned and large format printed on sheer cloth to divide the space of OK Corral.

Throughout the length of the exhibition a miniature forest fire was burning in the form of handmade pine tree candles, sculpted and cast for the exhibition. Theselius' sculpture, Silver River, was greeting visitors with a dazzling light created by an apparatus that reproduces the effect of the sun breaking through the clouds after a thunderstorm.