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Photos courtesy of Katerina Lukoshkova & Isabel Theselius

You're gonna hear me when I ride through the woods, 3:e Våningen, Göteborg, Sweden, 2023


The exhibition ”You're gonna hear me when I ride through the woods” originates from two different projects, which have been intertwined over the years, with overlapping themes and connections.

The first project is about Theselius' late stepfather, the artist Anders Bom Lindén, and the second one is about her son Saffi, respectively, two people who have significantly impacted her artistic trajectory and who continue to inspire her practice.

The exhibition features a series of paintings depicting Theselius' son, where she uses humor and superstition as a tool to process her own fears of parenthood and in sculptural works Theselius creates tributes to Bom's eccentric personality and lifestyle. For Theselius, the works serve as a way of dealing with her grieving process, as well as a declaration of love for both her stepfather and her son. Together, these two projects create a third space where the fantasy of her son as a reincarnation of Bom can be realized in a physical form.