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WhereverWhatever, Zzzz, Lusts of Flesh at Room Gallery, Irvine, CA, USA, 2013

As both a divider and zipper, the sculpture WhereverWhatever is situated in the middle of the installation, pointing out into the room. Not quite a lightning, not quite a crack, this zigzag sculpture pulls you in every which direction. It rips something apart or stitches it together.

Suggesting a fictional world or dream state the green LED sign spelling out Zzzz shows the gap between written language and image. It may evoke images of sleep, dreams, snores or snoozing, even though the letters don’t correspond with the sounds of those things.

In the non-narrative video Lusts of Flesh (13:33 minute HD video loop) interior and exterior images has been assembled with environmental sounds and pop music, forcing the images to share the same visual space, in spite of their discord and disparate content. The suspended projection screen, displaying a non-narrative video loop where a flow of generic and personal images are given equal value, is addressing a space beyond the frame where popular culture, love, consumerism and catastrophes are simultaneously repulsive and attractive, upsetting and trivial, personal and generic, making us aware of our own paradoxical and contradictory nature. Operating like a visual poem this video is not intended to have any one specific meaning, but is rather a reflection on the absence of straight lines in the way the mind works as well as in society at large.